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07 Feb 2007
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This week at the Olympic Museum...05-11.02.2007

The Mind makes a Champion exhibition
Until 2 September 2007
From childhood dream to winning performance, the athlete's journey is strewn with pitfalls and obstacles which, to be surpassed, require a special ability to keep the finishing line in sight and maintain one’s mental equilibrium. The Olympic Museum offers you the chance to follow in their footsteps and see into the "minds of champions". This special exhibition takes you on a journey through the secrets, formulae and values that come together to give these exceptional people the mental agility they need to achieve their goals: The Mind makes a Champion. The numerous testimonies will help visitors to identify with this human adventure in sport at the very highest level and to discover themselves as they set out to achieve that distinctive mindset which promotes creativity and success.

Educational programme (for children aged 12 - 16)
Educational kit, visits and workshops on the following subjects: motivation, stress management, memorisation, self-fulfilment

Corporate activity programme
Visits and workshops

Festival of the Mind: events 8 - 22 April 2007
Demonstrations, shows, workshops, encounters and debates on preparing the mind, with athletes and people from the world of show business.
Exhibition Polar Expeditions from the Antarctic to Greenland
Until 25 February 2007 in the restaurant gallery
For some 30 years, journalist Francis Parel has travelled across the vast frozen wastes of the Arctic and Antarctic, on icebreakers, in Zodiacs, on dog sleds, and even on mountain bikes in one dramatic attempt to reach the Magnetic North Pole. From all these expeditions he has brought back films, radio reports, manuscripts and photographs. All these souvenirs are also landmarks in this great saga which, since the dawn of time, has seen Man wonder what secrets the extremities of our Earth may hold.

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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