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02 May 2006
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This week at the Olympic Museum (01-07.05.2006)

Olympic Games: so Comics! exhibition
From 25 April to 25 June 2006
The Olympic posters presented reveal a world where rabbits ski and dogs pole vault, and where nothing prevents a bird from lighting the Olympic flame. And this same Wonderland, with its overtones of The Magic Roundabout would appear to be home to most of the mascots which have symbolised each of the Olympic Games since 1972.
Spectators and Supporters exhibition
Jusqu’au 16 juillet 2006
At the Olympic Museum’s Restaurant
Angel or Demon? The choice of Fair Play exhibition
Until 5 November 2006
Whether in sport or in our daily lives, human beings choose, suffer or impose their behaviour. In competition as in play, the balance between self control and impulsiveness, respecting or deviating from a line of conduct, is a very delicate one. This exhibition on fair play asks the visitor to consider his own angels and demons and confronts him with the fragile balance of the human relations. These games of mirrors, situations, confrontation, reflection and feelings illustrate the fact that fair play is not incompatible with performance, even at the very top, and that its absence destroys the very concepts of play and sharing. A conclusion which is certainly valid in the field of sport but also in our daily lives.
Kids’ programme: It’s not always easy to be play fair
Visit - Role plays (with coordinator)
Tour of the exhibition followed by a workshop in which the participants use role plays to work on their behaviour in certain situations arising in sport and everyday life. Pedagogical dossier. Information on 021 621 65 11.
The week’s events at the Olympic Museum
Tuesday 2 May: Agora (cycle of Museum conferences): Hans Erni, a life commitment. A tribute to the artist as he celebrates his 97th birthday. He will be surrounded by friends and specialists. Numerous filmed documents recorded by Jean-Philippe Rapp and his team will be shown. They will prove Hans Erni’s lifelong commitment and attachment to the Olympic Movement. At 6.30 p.m., free entrance, reservation required on 021 621 65 11.
Sunday 7 May: Sunday Concert: Goldberg variations by Bach. Theodora Christova, violin, Werner Hinze, viola, et Hilmar Schweizer, violoncello. Goldberg variations by J.-S. Bach have been written for the piano. Here they are in an arrangement for string trio by the violinist Dimitri Stikovetsky. At 11 a.m., in the Museum’s auditorium, tickets at the entrance. Information on 021 621 65 11.
Opening hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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