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24 Mar 2009
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This week at the Museum... 24-27.03.09

Temporary exhibition Heroes
From 26 March until 13 September 2009
An historic and sociological approach to the star system in different eras. An exhibition available in four modules: Ancient heroes (from 776 BC to 393 BC); The heroes of tradition (from 1896); Modern heroes (from the end of the First World War); and Global heroes (from 1980).

For schools
Heroes educational kit
A document to address the theme of the sporting hero in class and to prepare for a visit to the exhibition. Activity sheets for 6-16 year-olds. Available in French, English and German. It can be downloaded from Cost of the paper version: CHF 10.

Tour and Heroes Academy workshop package
The schoolchildren invent a superhero identity for themselves and a cause to defend. They dress up, work on posture and attitude, then go to visit the exhibition accompanied by a guide. For 6-11 year-olds; duration an hour-and-a-half; reservations on 021 621 6727; cost CHF 50 + entry tickets.

Tour and Become the hero of your tour package
Accompanied by a guide, the schoolchildren discover the exhibition. Through a scavenger hunt, they are confronted with the fates of sporting heroes. They discuss problem situations that are put to them, and make choices that influence their route through the Museum. Who wants to be become a hero? For 12-16 year-olds; duration an hour-and-a-half; reservations on 021 621 6727; cost CHF 50 + entry tickets.
Temporary exhibition Luc Chessex, photographe. «Avis aux amateurs! Les sports populaires à Lausanne»
Until 10 May 2009
The Olympic Museum presents a selection of photographs shot by Luc Chessex and taken from his book Avis aux amateurs! Les sports populaires à Lausanne, published in 2008 with the support of the City of Lausanne. The exhibition allows us to explore and re-discover this essential dimension of sport: the pleasure of the game.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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