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01 Oct 2007
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This week at the Museum... 01-07.10.2007

Sailing the World exhibition
Until 6 January 2008
Originating approximately six thousand years ago, sailing has evolved with ever-changing techniques and materials to continually adapt to the whims of the winds. Sailing played an important part in the exploration of the world and the meetings between its peoples and civilizations. Each era and each culture sailed, transported, fished, traded, pirated and raced using sailboats. The Olympic Museum revisits this timelessness through a historical journey highlighting the impact of sailing on human activities. The second part of the exhibit is dedicated to sailing as a leisure activity and competitive sport by exploring the technological change that boating has seen since the 17th century. This exhibition celebrates the 100th anniversary of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and the 32nd America’s Cup. It was put together with support from the “La Caixa” Foundation.
Every day, The Olympic Park, a natural wind strength observatory. Linked to the exhibition, a journey through the park invites visitors to observe trees, leaves, flags and the lake to calculate the current wind strength.
Educational programme for young visitors and teachers
Schools-Museum teaching kit available in French, English and German on
Guided tours
Subject to reservation, CHF 50 per class
Sailing the Challenge exhibition
Until 14 October 2007
Ivan Good, official painter of the Belgian Navy, loves boats so much that he paints them everywhere, in any situation you could conceive or imagine. His ships are seen in fields, in gardens, in the streets of towns or on the roofs of houses. Tankers snake through the desert and trawlers harvest fields of corn. In this year of the America’s Cup, which is also the centenary of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the artist has completed a series of maritime scenes dedicated to the event not to be missed by fans of sailing and magnificent boats. More than 30 works of art depict the various “challenges”, historical ones like the Shamrock, more recent ones like Stars & Stripes or America 3, or even the 2007 title defender and challengers: Alinghi, BMW Oracle Racing, Luna Rossa Challenge, Emirates Team New Zealand, China Team and all the others… Ivan Good uses the America’s Cup like Monet once used the field of poppies, as a pretext for beauty, feelings, emotions. He revisits, reveals, refocuses, surprises us and transports us. He shows us the legend that these giants of the seas may well become tomorrow.
A new cultural vision of sport exhibition
Restaurant Gallery until 28 October 2007
This exhibition is the fruit of a study linking academic research and photo journalism. It is being organised in collaboration with the administrative services of the Olympic Studies Centre, including Chris Kennett; the Generalitat and Diputació Catalan and Provincial governments; and the Barcelona City Hall. The photographs are the work of reputed photographer Kim Manresa. The acceleration of the migration movement is changing the aspect of communities worldwide, increasing cultural diversity and multicultural exchanges. The objective of this project is to provide a new cultural vision of sport, and to study and represent varied and little-known sporting practices of groups of immigrants who have become an integral part of Catalan society. The exhibition highlights the social aspects of popular sport, the manner in which it is practised by immigrant communities and the phenomenon of social cementing that it brings about.
The week’s events at the Olympic Museum
Sunday 7 to Thursday 11 October: 27th Olympic Week
The 27th Olympic Week is the showcase for the values on which the IOC bases its activities:
- Excellence or how to give the best of oneself, on the field of play or in life; taking part and progressing according to one’s own objectives
- Friendship or how, through sport, to understand each other despite any differences
- Respect or how to use fair play vis-à-vis others, knowing one’s own limits, taking care of one’s health and the environment.
Concretely, and besides the more than 30 sports clubs present on the quay, this is conveyed through a series of activities which explore the Olympic values from informative, practical and artistic points of view. The aim of this week is to take stock of one’s conscience, linking thought and practice. There is a huge divide between words and action, and it cannot be crossed in just one step!
Sunday 7 September
By way of an opening ceremony, and in a nod to the exhibition Sailing the World, a forum is being organised in collaboration with the Antinea Foundation, to which parents and children are invited, on the theme Sailing and Respect for the Environment. Sailors, adventurers and scientists will share their experiences of the seas and oceans with the public.
Opening hours: every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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