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11 Aug 2004
IOC Events

Thirteen factsheets on important issues

In readiness for the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad in Athens, the IOC Communications Department has prepared 13 new factsheets. These factsheets on important issues and topics have been produced particularly for the media. Nine of them are part of the standard media kit for Athens.

Information at a glance
The factsheets should allow the media representatives to find at a glance the most important facts and figures on a specific topic. The information in the media kits is valid as of 31 July 2004. There may be changes that it has not been possible to include in the printed version, however the Internet version is updated regularly.

Complementary information
The factsheets may not contain all the information needed. Complementary information can be found in other parts on the website, via the highly efficient search system, in the document section or in the frequently asked questions pages.

New brochure on the Olympic Movement
In addition to the factsheets, a new brochure on the Olympic Movement has been prepared for the Athens Games, for the media and the general public. The brochure contains basic background information on the Olympic Movement.

Specific information kits
Other information kits have been prepared for the Athens Games, particularly for the athletes.
A medical information kit contains the list of prohibited substances, a summary of the doping control procedure, information on HIV/AIDS prevention and a nutritional brochure. In addition, the athletes have all received an information kit on the IOC Athletes' Commission, including a manual for the election of four new members with a portrait of all the 32 candidates standing for election.

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