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14 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

The Yogger set to star in Nanjing

Handed out to every participant at Nanjing 2014, the Yogger is a USB drive that employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology so that users can exchange personal details with each other. As we explain though, there is much more to this essential little interactive device than that.

The Yogger is set to make quite an impact at Nanjing 2014. A small electronic device equipped with NFC technology that comes in the form of a USB drive, it will be handed out to every participant at the Youth Olympic Games. The device is linked up to an internet platform where users can access and store the information they collect. Users receive a welcome message from IOC President Thomas Bach along with a host of useful information that includes the YOG programme, introductions to the various venues, health information, videos and internet links.

A guaranteed way of getting athletes to interact and make friends, the Yogger was a big hit when it was first introduced at Innsbruck 2012, and is sure to go down a storm again in Nanjing.

The Yogger is three things in one: a digital calling card, a means for exchanging information simply by being in close proximity to another user, and a device for tracking all of the cultural and educational activities that are on offer to participants at Nanjing 2014. It also provides access to a whole host of digital documents and videos through special tags dotted around the Olympic Youth Village. In order to store the information on their Yogger, the user simply has to hold the device up to the tags.

Interactivity hub

By taking part in 50 cultural and educational activities on offer, users will be awarded points, which they can then redeem for special YOG souvenirs. Activities include career development workshops, visits to the exhibitor stands for all of the countries represented at Nanjing 2014, beginners’ classes in all of the Olympic sports, as well as skateboarding, roller skating, climbing, wushu (a contact sport based on Chinese martial arts) and cookery workshops. All of the activities have been organised to take the athletes’ competitions and training schedules into account.

Every time users take part in an activity, they will receive confirmation of their attendance on their Yoggers as well as digital documents and links to websites and Facebook pages where they can find out more about each event.

The Yogger is designed to help young ambassadors, athletes and coaches interact and get to know with each other. In tracking their participation in events and activities, it stores information so that when they get home they can show their family and friends everything they have been doing.

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