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23 Aug 2004
IOC News

The unsung heroes

We all can experience it: the motivating force and soul of the Games are above all the Olympic volunteers. They are the unsung heroes of the Games. They make it happen. And they do it with the legendary hospitality for which Greece is known: “Filoxenia”.

Discover the excellent job the volunteers are doing in a special section.

What do they think about the Olympic Games and their work as volunteers?

"It’s priceless"
"I am on cloud nine,” Aberra Aguegnehu, 56, a Village resident service assistant from America, says of his experience in the Olympic Village. "To be able to meet all these people from all over the world and practice all my 12 languages and see the smiles on their faces when they speak broken English and I detect from their accent their country of origin and speak in their native language, that is priceless."

“Hardly want to leave”
Elena Crociani, an NOC assistant from Italy said: "Interesting things happen every day. Even when it’s time to leave, even though I am very tired after the long hours, I hardly want to leave the (Olympic) Village."

“Unique way to recharge the batteries”
Aigli KAMMITSI, one of the first Cypriots to volunteer at the Games, works as a protocol venue attendant. She says about volunteering: “It’s a unique way to recharge our batteries, as human beings; and something I will remember for all my life.”

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