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17 Feb 2010
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

The streets are alive with the sound of music

For the Vancouverites who weren't able to go to an Olympic event, the Olympics came to them. The once calm streets of Vancouver have turned into an ant farm, a hive of activity, with people from all over the world celebrating their favourite teams and favourite bands, as sports and musical entertainment intertwine.

“There's so much going on and so many things to do for free,” said 16-year-old Tate Gibson.
Robson Square, an Olympic destination for free outdoor skating, hosts a nightly pyrotechnics show, with fireworks going off to the beat of the music and lighting up the square.

“I love how it's a school night but everyone is here,” said 16-year-old onlooker Julia Mills. “Everyone is happy to see each other.”

Local and national bands, such as Mother Mother, the Sam Roberts Band and the Barenaked Ladies are taking to the multiple “free-for-all” stages across the city.

The atmosphere in the city is buzzing, almost as much as when watching live sport itself!

“It brings people together,” Mills said. “We were just walking down the street and people starting singing “Oh Canada” and everyone joined in.”

By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter.

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