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29 Apr 2010


At The Olympic Museum until 1 August
Sports photographs

The works presented here sometimes resemble paintings; one thing they don’t look like is photographs, but… this pictorial result comes from photography and the effect of light on photo-sensitive paper, without any retouching or computer manipulation.

In these photographs of the Olympic Games, we no longer see the athletes through their identity, which could tell us the names of some of them - they have all become anonymous figures; there is no room for competition, and sport is present in its most universal form, far from any objective or individualistic considerations.

Christian Rizk (1971) and Julie Audic (1973) are two French-Lebanese artists, both trained architects. Through numerous experiments, they created their own photographic technique, based on slow shutter speed and negative chroming. With no retouching, filtering and computer manipulation allowed, what we see is the strict reality.

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