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23 Dec 2004
Olympic News

The One School One Country Project

The One School One Country (OSOC) project, begun in Nagano in 1998, is being continued for the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games.

Understanding and Collaboration
The project’s primary goal is to increase understanding and collaboration among peoples and contribute to the strengthening of peace and friendship by establishing permanent relationships of cooperation and exchange in all the social, cultural, sports and tourism sectors that make up the city of Turin.

The OSOC Project plans to set up a twinning programme between the schools of the Olympic area and the countries that will be taking part in the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The project will try to promote solidarity and aid the less-privileged Olympic Committees of developing countries. The twinning programme began with an agreement between the Turin high school Liceo Scientifico 'Copernico' and the Finnish Voyrinkaupungin Koulu institute in Vaasa. The overall aim of the project is to set up contacts in 85 countries, with 30 in place already from Albania to the United States, involving the 91 Piedmont schools enrolled in the programme in 48 twinnings. The themes of the Italian-Finnish relationship, set up in a videoconference between the offices of the TOROC and the school in Vaasa, include culture, tourism, the environment and winter sports. Other issues can be developed within the individual relationships established, depending on the interests of the schools involved.

Educating young people
“This programme”, explained Roberto Daneo, TOROC Director of Relations with the Authorities, “has the objective of educating young people in the culture of hospitality, of friendship and of exchanges among cultures.” It also promotes specific projects of Olympic solidarity, when developing or underprivileged countries are involved.

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