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26 Aug 2004
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The Olympic Museum networking

Olympic Museum Director Francis Gabet took the opportunity of the Olympic Games to bring together in Athens various delegations from National Olympic Committees (NOCs) interested in closer collaboration with the Lausanne institution. Sixty people from forty NOCs took part in this meeting.

Sharing information: the key to success
The participants showed a lot of interest in this cooperation: “Regular and systematic information-sharing will be the key to the success of such an adventure” stated the Director at the end of the meeting. “When we know what others are doing, our sharing techniques are already operating well,” he added.

Research, videos and photos
The NOCs are mainly interested in being regularly informed of the new books acquired. They also show interested in receiving the list of videos and photos available.

Transfer of knowledge and expertise
The NOCs, most of which have museological activities, also wish to profit from the knowledge and expertise of the Lausanne Museum. “Our Museum, especially the Museology Section, is available to all our partners”, underlined Gabet.
He also foresees to prepare a catalogue with exhibitions which could easily travel around the world.

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