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12 Apr 2013
IOC News

The Olympic Museum is off to Brazil!

While The Olympic Museum’s mission consists of conserving, studying and promoting Olympic patrimony, it also involves disseminating the values of a certain philosophy of life which aims to build a better world, particularly by means of education through sport.

At the request of the Brazilian National Olympic Committee in view of the Rio 2016 Games, The Olympic Museum has made available some of its exclusive collections and thus taken the chance to promote the Olympic values through a mobile exhibition that will be presented in several Brazilian cities this summer. As The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is currently closed for renovation, the exhibition will provide a rare opportunity for Olympic fans to view artefacts that are usually only on show at the IOC’s official museum.

The exhibition’s journey will begin in São Paulo from 15 April to 30 June, then continue to Rio. The Olympic Museum is delighted to be able to present its collections in a space of more than 1,000m2 in the famous FIESP cultural centre, known for hosting high-level exhibitions. This is therefore a great opportunity to raise the general public’s awareness of the history of the Games and the various themes are likely to capture the imagination of a variety of audiences, from the youngest to the most demanding.

The exhibition will feature such themes as the ancient Games and the work of the founder of the modern Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin. It will also contain sections devoted to the torch relays, ceremonies, sports on the Olympic programme, and the world of Olympic mascots and memorabilia. For this special exhibition, visitors will be able to view the full set of Olympic torches, truly symbolic items, as well as all the winners’ medals of the summer Games. These rare icons alone are worth the trip!

In addition, visitors will be provided with a fascinating illustration of the Olympic spirit thanks to original scenography by Abel Gomes, who won fame through numerous international productions. The exhibition will offer an immersive journey to the heart of the best images of the history of Olympism.

The International Olympic Committee is pleased that the Brazilian public can thus discover the many facets of the Olympic spirit and celebrate through this prestigious cultural showcase the upcoming arrival of the first Olympic Games to be held on the South American continent.

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