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05 Sep 2005
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The Olympic Museum charmed by Maurice BĂ©jart

The Olympic Museum charmed by Maurice Béjart
Last Tuesday, choreographer Maurice Béjart was the guest at the Olympic Museum Lausanne’s Agora. He won the public over almost as soon as he took the stage. Despite the seeming coldness of his steely blue eyes, he is spontaneous, warm, enthusiastic and modest. 
From theatre to dance
He talks about his youth with a lot of humour. In his parent’s small apartment in Marseilles, he slept on a fold-up bed in the lounge. He was both captivated by his father’s friends, who spoke about Nietzsche, and annoyed because he had to get up for school the next day. Later in life, he experienced the War almost as a game, taking refuge underground because his father was in the Resistance. He never even dreamed about dance, as his passion was theatre. But when he was signed up for a dance lesson because he was a little underdeveloped, he had a revelation. And this passion would remain with him.
From dance to choreography
He soon turned out to be a better choreographer than dancer, and it is this path that he has been obstinately following for the last 50 years. As the head of the Béjart Ballet Lausanne, Maurice Béjart has today become “Dance”. During the evening, we were able to see numerous extracts from his film: Béjart rehearsing, Béjart performing, Béjart in his apartment in Lausanne, and Béjart and his favourite dancer, the unforgettable Jorge Donne. And finally, a moving report with Marcel Imsand, Lausanne’s charismatic photographer, and a friend of Barbara and the choreographer. There are some people you meet and who have an eternal effect on you. Béjart is one of these people.
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