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04 Jul 2006
IOC News

The learning Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will run the official debriefing of the Torino 2006 Games in Vancouver next week under the title of the “Torino 2006 Olympic Experience”. This event will allow the future Organising Committees (OCOGs) of Beijing, London and, particularly, Vancouver, as well as the current Candidate Cities of Sochi, Salzburg and PyeongChang, to learn from the work undertaken by the Turin Organising Committee (TOROC) during this year’s Olympic Winter Games. This high-profile gathering is part of a broader knowledge transfer programme run by the IOC called Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM), which aims to ensure the long-lasting quality of the Olympic Games.
The History of OGKM
IOC President Jacques Rogge initiated the Olympic Games transfer of knowledge process in 1998 with the assistance of the IOC administration. This project was to become part of a vision that the President would drive forward following his election in 2001 to streamline the Olympic Games and to ensure that future Games organisers can apply successful practices to their own projects. The initial project led to the creation of a company called Olympic Games Knowledge Services (OGKS), whose services were subsequently regrouped under the responsibility of the IOC’s Olympic Games Department in mid-2005 under the name of OGKM.
The OGKM Programme
The OGKM programme consists of three main sources: OGKM services, personal experience and information. The services source encompasses workshops, seminars and a network of experts with Games experience on a range of Olympic topics that the OCOGs are able to call upon throughout their lifecycle. The OCOGs are also able to gain personal experience on Games preparations and operations through the experience pillar of OGKM via the Games-time observers’ programme, the official Games debriefing and the secondment programme, which allows staff members from future OCOGs to work on the current edition of the Olympic Games in order to gain first-hand experience of Games operations. The final volley of OGKM is information, which includes elements like the Official Games Report, technical manuals, knowledge reports, a range of useful documents and publications and the IOC’s visual transfer of knowledge programme (VTOK), where information on a specific topic is transferred through short films made at previous editions of the Games. All this information is available to the OCOGs through an extranet that is managed by the IOC.
Torino 2006 Olympic Experience
The official debriefing of the Turin Games will take place from 10 to 14 July 2006 in Vancouver. The IOC will host the current OCOGs, the three candidate cities for 2014 and different representatives from other stakeholders in the Olympic Games, as TOROC passes on the lessons that it learnt during its time as a Games organiser. The event will consist of a combination of plenary discussions and side meetings, which will be separated into three parts: what was the Turin Olympic “product”, the managerial challenges of organising the Games and the experience of the various Olympic stakeholders in Turin, such as athletes, partners, spectators, the media, the International Federations and National Olympic Committees. This forum will allow the future Games hosts to interact in a learning environment with the people that have the freshest experience of organising the Games.
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