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10 Sep 2012
IOC News , Olympic Studies Centre

The IOC’s Olympic Studies Centre at your service

It is now two months since the IOC’s Olympic Studies Centre (OSC) celebrated its re-opening in its new premises, the prestigious Villa du Centenaire, just a stone’s throw from The Olympic Museum.

As the entry point for research, teaching and publications which contribute to education and the dissemination of Olympism and its values, the OSC’s facilities are at the service of anyone conducting research or wishing to deepen their knowledge of the main topics linked to sport and Olympism, the history and impact of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement at large.

With specific research and study areas, it offers access to the IOC’s invaluable patrimonial collection, including the historical archives, dating back to 1894 and the foundation of the IOC and the Olympic Games, as well a unique collection of rare and ancient books dating back to the 16th century. The current acquisitions policy of the library has also led to its reputation as reference library for researchers worldwide, making available 25,000 books and a wide selection of reviews and electronic resources on the Olympic Games, Olympic Movement and sports sciences at large.

Furthermore, the valuable images archive, with an impressive range of 250,000 images and 8,000 hours of visual and audio material and over 10,000 objects and artefacts, is now accessible to academic researchers at the OSC via the digital Olympic Multimedia Library.

At the OSC’s new location, researchers from around the world can now make use of a magnificent and quiet area for their reading and research, right next to The Olympic Museum (which is planning to reopen at the end of 2013).

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