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06 Apr 2001
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, le 6 avril 2001 - The President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be visiting Oceania and Asia from 7 to 13 April to meet representatives of the National Olympic Committees (NOC) of Fiji, Palau, the Philippines, India and Bhutan.

In Fiji, the President will attend the General Assembly of the NOCs of Oceania, at which 14 NOCs from the region will be present.

In order to build and reinforce the unity of the Olympic Movement, the President is continuing with his plan to pay at least one visit to the 199 NOCs in the Olympic Movement before his term of office ends in July 2001. He will thus be paying his first visit to the NOC of Palau, recognised by the IOC in 1999, and the NOC of Bhutan, recognised in 1983. The President has already visited 193 NOCs.

Dates of visits:

NOC visited

Saturday 7 April

General Assembly of the NOCs of Oceania (Fiji)

Mr Vidhya Lakhan, Secretary General
Tel: + 679 30 35 25

Sunday 8 April

Meeting with the NOC of Fiji

Monday 9 April
Tuesday 10 April

Arrival in Koror (Palau)
Meeting with the NOC of Palau
Transfer to Manila (Philippines)

Ms Baklai Temengil, Secretary General
Tel: +680 488 65 62

Tuesday 10 April
Wednesday 11 April
Arrival in Manila (Philippines)
Meeting with the NOC of the Philippines

Mr Romeo Ribano, Secretary General
Tel: +632 834 2432

Wednesday 11 April
Thursday 12 April
Arrival in New Delhi (India)
Meeting with the NOC of India

Transfer to Thimphu (Bhutan)
Meeting with the NOC of Bhutan

Raja Randhir Singh, Secretary General
Tel: +91 11 436 69 50
Mr D. K. Chhetri, Secretary General
Tel: +975 232 21 38

Friday 13 April
Meeting with the NOC of Bhutan

Transfer to New Delhi (India)
Meeting with the NOC of India

Contact :
Media representatives are asked to contact the secretaries general of the above NOCs to obtain practical details of the organisation of each visit and the filming and interview possibilities.

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