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22 Jun 2006
IOC News

The IOC Executive Board at the former port of Lousonna

Led by President Rogge, the IOC Executive Board members today went to see the archaeological relics unearthed during the excavation work for the Vidy multi-functional complex. They listened attentively to the explanations given by cantonal archaeologist Robert Weidman.
Lake Lausanne, not Lake Geneva…
Robert Weidman explained to them that, in the past, this area had been a very busy port, as Lausanne was an important passage between the Northern and Southern countries. He also mentioned that, in the Roman era, the lake was called Lake Lausanne, and not Lake Geneva! Some of the archaeologists’ discoveries were presented to the members, who were visibly impressed.
An important port building
The building erected on the port at the end of the Roman era revealed new secrets: the presence of a central room which must have been used for keeping the fishermen’s equipment, and where the latter repaired their nets; and a large hall which was probably used for drying out fish. “The presence of a building of this magnitude so near to the lake is quite unique” said Robert Weidman. He also talked about the church and adjoining cemetery built on the site during the Middle Ages. To date, 80 skeletons have been discovered.
The President’s office on the ruins of a church
Jacques Rogge was surprised to learn that his office sat on the ruins of a church. He warmly thanked the cantonal archaeologist for his explanations and invited him to the inauguration of the new building. Robert Weidman expressed his thanks to the IOC President for having financed the works and for having accepted to delay the IOC’s building works to enable the precious relics to be safeguarded.
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