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15 Feb 2010
Vancouver 2010 , IOC News

The IOC Corner: a place to meet for the athletes

At the Olympic Villages in Vancouver and Whistler, there is a special meeting place for the athletes: the IOC Corner. It is more than just a place to learn more about the IOC, it is also a place where athletes can meet IOC staff, cast their vote to elect two of their peers to the Athletes’ Commission or just hang out watching the Games on TV.

Collection of donations

At the IOC Corner, The Olympic Museum in Lausanne is present to collect donations from athletes of items that play a part in Olympic history, such as equipment used during competition or demonstrating new technology or anything symbolising the spirit of the Games through fair play or friendship. Some of these donations will be displayed at The Olympic Museum in Lausanne or loaned to Olympic museums around the world.

The other side of the IOC

Beyond the organisation of the Olympic Games, the IOC is also a socially responsible organisation dedicated to making the world a better place through sport. At the IOC Corner, athletes will find loads of information about the IOC’s efforts to enable people in disadvantaged areas to enjoy sporting and recreational activities through its community development initiatives, and about how the IOC contributes to meeting environmental challenges, its initiatives in the fields of HIV and AIDS prevention and its programmes to educate young people through sport and promote a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. 

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