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25 May 2002
IOC News , Press Release

The International Olympic Committee Launches Extensive Consultation on the Future of the Games

Members of the Olympic Movement, together with the general public, to make suggestions on controlling the growing cost, size, and complexity of the Games

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (25 May 2002)

– Following the establishment earlier this year of the Olympic Games Study Commission by Dr Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a section of the Olympic Movement’s website has been dedicated to gathering ideas aimed at reducing the cost, size and complexity of the Games, while preserving their success.

All constituencies of the Olympic Movement, private and public sports bodies, scholars plus the public at large, are invited to submit their ideas relating to the organisation of the Games by visiting the home page of the Olympic Movement’s website and completing a questionnaire found by clicking on the icon "Public Suggestions". Recognising that the Olympic Games is a passion for all, the IOC has, for the first time, opened up its research to include the views of the general public.

"Evidence suggests that the costs of staging the Olympic Games have continued to rise and the Games have become increasingly complex to organise. If such costs are not brought under control, there is some risk that the Games may become too big and too complex for all but a few cities or countries to handle", stated Richard W. Pound, Chairman of the Games Study Commission. "We believe that working with Olympic Games experts and consulting with all Olympic constituencies should be complemented by a wide public consultation process. It is with this in mind that we decided to launch "Public Suggestions". Everyone is inspired by the Olympic Games and therefore, they should have an opportunity to make suggestions on the future of the Games. We thank everyone for their participation in this effort."

The Olympic Games Study Commission has been established with a mandate to review all aspects of the organisation of the Olympic Games, with a view to assist host cities and host countries to reduce the expenditures on the occasion of the Olympic Games. The Commission will submit interim recommendations to the extraordinary IOC Session in November of this year in Mexico City, Mexico.

The Olympic Movement’s web site, was relaunched on 31st January 2002, with a complete overhaul aimed at responding better to the expectations of sports and Olympic Enthusiasts. Content is organized in six main sections: Athletes, Sports, Olympic Games, Passion, News and Organisation.

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