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28 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG , IOC News

The future starts at YOG!

Do you know that the skills you have as a sportsperson can be valuable in other areas of your life? Helping you give the best of yourself and discipline, these life skills are beneficial for your development not only in sport, but beyond the field of play.

For most of the 3,800 athletes, the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games are a taster of what a career in sport could be like. Inspiring them to dream big and aim high, the YOG also ensure that through the Culture and Education Programme (CEP) and the Athlete Career Programme (ACP) booth, young people learn about the tools and life skills they need to further their personal development.

Through two online interactive exercises – Act your Time and Balance your Act – young athletes juggling education and sport learn the value of time management and the importance of having a small trusted network of people in their lives who can help them succeed in sport and education.

“It is very important to stress the value of good time management skills to young athletes”, said Olympian Frank Fredericks. “With their school and training schedules, they are naturally managing their time already, but when they retire from sport or finish their studies, they will have these lessons to refer back to. The IOC Athlete Career Programme and IOC Athletes’ Commission are here to plant this seed so that they can take these life lessons with them from Nanjing.”

Frank Fredericks is among the Athlete Role Models, Olympians and IOC Athletes’ Commission members who have been on hand throughout the YOG to help with the exercises and share their personal experience and advice with these teenagers.

The ACP booth also helps young sports lovers, athletes and volunteers to discover what options are out there if they want to pursue a career in sport. Created as a talent-based personality quiz, “Sport Up Your Life” sorts through your personal responses, and suggests a vocation best suited to your own skills, interests and talents. Try it out for yourself here:

Curious to learn more about the ACP and the resources available for athletes? Check the Athletes' Kit here for more information.


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