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18 Oct 2013
London 2012 , IOC News , Bulgaria , Gymnastics

The fabulous journey of Iordan Iovtchev

Aged 19 in 1992, and 39 in 2012 when he walked into the Olympic Stadium in London, carrying the Bulgarian flag, leading his delegation at the Opening Ceremony, Iordan Iovchev is the gymnast of records, the only one to have competed at six Olympic Games.

On the floor, the rings, the horizontal bar, pommel horse, vault, the parallel bars – relive Iordan’s extraordinary journey, from his first medal in bronze to his last in silver. Watch him shine on the rings in the final on 6 August 2012 in London.

The history of the Olympic Games abounds with extraordinary stories of athletes who have made their mark on their era and thrilled fans across the world. Share in the legend, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to discover new videos every day!

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