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28 Apr 2010
IOC News , Ethics

The Executive Board of the IOC reprimands EB member and IIHF President René Fasel

The IOC Executive Board (EB) today issued a reprimand to EB member and IIHF President René Fasel for ‘breaching Rules Concerning Conflicts of Interests'  and reminded him to respect the Olympic Charter and the Code of Ethics.

Following a recommendation of the Ethics Commission, the EB this evening found that by “helping a person with whom he was friends to offer his services to the company responsible for  exploiting the television and the marketing rights of the IF of which he is President, and thereby obtaining substantial financial advantages for him, Mr René Fasel was in breach of the Rules Concerning Conflicts of Interests Affecting the Behaviour of Olympic Parties and his conduct was likely to tarnish the reputation of the Olympic Movement.”

The full decision can be found here

Tags IOC News , Ethics
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