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13 Jan 2005
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The EOYD torch lit from the Olympic Museum cauldron

At the end of Thursday afternoon, the torch for the European Olympic Youth Days Festival, which will begin in Monthey in Valais on 23 January, was lit from the Olympic Museum cauldron. This delightful ceremony took place in the presence of personalities from the EOYD and Swiss Olympic, hosted on this occasion by Gilbert Felli, Olympic Games Executive Director, and Francis Gabet, Museum Director.

A relay through Valais
From Friday until the day of the opening ceremony, the torch will travel through Valais, from Brig to Monthey, carried by several hundreds of school children.

What is the EOYD?
The European Olympic Youth Days Festival was created in 1991 by the European Olympic Committees (EOC) on the initiative of Jacques Rogge, who was President of the Belgian National Olympic Committee and EOC President. It is dedicated to young athletes aged between 14 and 18 years old of whom there will be more than 800 for this 7th edition. The event marks the return of an Olympic event to Switzerland, 57 years after the V Olympic Winter Games in St Moritz in 1948!

The Museum cauldron instead of the flame from Olympia.
The EOYD torch should have been lit in Olympia in accordance with ancient tradition. Unfortunately, owing to civil aviation rules in force in Europe, the project was abandoned. Swiss Olympic thus turned to the IOC, which proposed to the organisers to light the torch from the fire of the Museum cauldron. Which can’t be bad!

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