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25 Sep 2003
Olympic News

The EB comes to an end

This afternoon, a delegation from the USOC, led by USOC acting President Bill Martin and composed of USOC Acting Secretary General Jim Scherr, USOC General Counsel Jeffrey Benz, Outside Counsel on doping matters Richard Young, and Olympic champion and Chairman of the US Anti-Doping Agency Frank Shorter, presented a report on alleged doping cases involving US athletes in the 80's and 90's. The USOC confirmed that, on the basis of his own quotations reported in the Los Angeles Times on 29th August, the identify of the so-called ‘unnamed athlete’ who had tested positive for a banned substance but was allowed to compete in track and field in Sydney, was indeed Jerome Young. The IOC Medical Commission will now study the USOC report and should present its own report for the next EB meeting in December 2003.

Rogge: A very fruitful EB
Speaking at the final press conference, IOC President Jacques Rogge emphasized the extremely positive updates received during the EB, especially those on Games preparations. And he welcomed the thorough and transparent report received by USOC, all that in the interest of sport.

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