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28 Aug 2007
IOC News , Olympic Congress 2009

The Congress themes

Overall theme: “The Olympic Movement in society”
This overall theme is declined in five main themes with several sub themes:
1. The Athletes
1.1 Relationship between the athletes, the clubs, federations and the NOCs
1.2 Health protection in training and competition
1.3 The social and professional life of athletes during and after elite competition
2. Olympic Games
2.1 How to keep the Games as a premier event?
2.2 Olympic values
2.3 Universality and developing countries
3. The Structure of the Olympic Movement
3.1 The autonomy of the Olympic Movement
3.2 Good governance and ethics
3.3 The relationships between the Olympic Movement and its stakeholders
4. Olympism and Youth
4.1 Moving towards an active society
4.2 Is competitive sport still appealing?
4.3 Youth sport events
5. The Digital Revolution
5.1 A new management of sports rights
5.2 How to increase the size of the sports audience?
5.3 Communication with stakeholders in the digital age
2009 Olympic Congress Regulations
Call for contributions to the 2009 Congress
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