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11 Sep 2007
IOC News

The 8th Winter Olympic Collectors’ Fair in Hamar

If you are passionate about the Olympic Winter Games or if you are looking for a particular object, don’t miss the 8th International Winter Olympic Collectors’ Fair in the Norwegian city of Hamar on 26, 27 and 28 October 2007. On the first day, the Fair will offer an internal market, especially for collectors, while on the following two days, the Fair will be open to the public.
This Fair will be held in the Hamar Olympic Hall, Vikingskipet (the viking ship), which hosted the speedskating events during the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games. Limited pins, made especially for the Fair, will be sold.
Organised by the Oslo Pin Club, in conjunction with the annual Used and Antiques Fair for Collectors, and in close cooperation with the International Olympic Memorabilia Federation (FIMO), this Fair is a unique opportunity for collectors from across the world to exchange, buy, sell, compare and complete collections of pins, mascots, torches, stamps, coins, medals, posters, post cards and any other object bearing the Olympic Rings.
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