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03 Jul 2003
IOC News

The 2nd Day of the Session

After the excitement which was yesterday’s election, the 115th IOC Session has returned to normal business today, with the presentation of several activity reports. The IOC President started the day’s work by recalling the three main missions of the IOC: ensuring the quality of the Games, offering support to the Olympic Family, and performing a social and educational role. At the President’s invitation, Urs Lacotte, who has just been appointed IOC Director General, spoke to the Session for the first time. He will take up his position at the beginning of November, succeeding François Carrard.

Then Judge Kéba Mbaye spoke about the activities of the IOC Ethics Commission and the International Council of Arbitration for Sport. Presentation from the Organising Committees for the forthcoming Olympic Games in 2004 in Athens, 2006 in Turin and 2008 in Beijing followed, informing the Session of the progress of their preparations.

Closing the morning session, the IOC President invited all his colleagues to sign the declaration in favour of the Olympic Truce, an Ancient Greek tradition marking a ceasefire during the period of the Games.

The afternoon continued with the presentation of the new IOC uniforms by Mizuno (see news story) followed by the reports from the Chairmen of several IOC Commissions: Franco Carraro presented the report of the Programme Commission, Richard L. Carrión for the Finance Commission, Gerhard Heiberg for the Marketing Commission, Francisco J. Elizalde for the Nominations Commission, Richard K. Gosper for the Press Commission, Un Yong Kim for the RTV Commission and Walther Tröger for Sport for All Commission and President Jacques Rogge for the TV and Internet Rights Commission. President Rogge also presented a resumé of Zhenliang He's report for the Culture and Olympic Education Commission, in which Nikos Filaretos gave an update on the International Olympic Academy.
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