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14 Aug 2014
Nanjing 2014 , YOG

The 2014 Youth Olympic Games – how to watch it

Nanjing will open its doors to the world on 16 August for what promises to be a fantastic celebration of sport. With great coverage, here is some information on how to watch, and stay on top of what is going on at the Youth Olympic Games.

There will be an unprecedented amount of live coverage on, and YouTube. New to Nanjing 2014, you will also have the chance to watch a total of 10 different sports covered via a mobile app – available to download on both iOS and Android.  

An incredible 480 hours of video on demand will also be available so you won’t have a problem catching up on what you have missed!

Not just sport will be broadcast, much of the Culture and Education Programme will be covered, featuring events such as the ‘chat with champions’- an interactive Q&A with two Olympic champions. Moreover, coverage of the many workshops from which the athletes will benefit will also be covered: anti-doping, healthy cooking and injury prevention to name a few.

There will also be the chance to follow the YOG on our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

The Youth Olympic Games will take place from 16 to 28 August, tune in! 

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