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16 Nov 2004
IOC News

Tenth World Sport for All Congress: final declaration

The 10th World Sport for All Congress ended this past Sunday in Rome with the adoption of the final declaration. This declaration urges governments and the relevant public and private sector sport, health, education and environmental organisations to recognise the need for Sport for All programmes, and to deliver real actions.

Health, social, education and environment
The Congress asked all the relevant authorities and organisations to take health, social, education and environmental issues into account when developing and implementing sport and recreation policies.

Increase in financial and administrative support
The Congress also appealed to governments and the relevant organisations to increase financial, administrative and policy support and incentives for Sport for All and lifelong physical education, in order to maximise the benefits to the population, including the social and economic development engendered by sport and recreation in the community.

Strong partnerships
Furthermore, the Congress strongly reaffirmed the Barcelona 1998 Sport for All Congress declaration, calling upon all governments and voluntary organisations:

- to establish and strengthen partnerships in support of physical education
- to create an environment in which it is valued, and
- to implement actions to reverse the declining trend in physical education, especially in schools.

Important role for the Olympic Movement
This Congress recognised that the Olympic Movement, in acknowledging the importance of Sport for All actions, can play an important role in encouraging, supporting and promoting sport and recreation programmes in the community.

International Year of Sport and Physical Education
The declaration by the United Nations making 2005 the International Year of Sport and Physical Education provides an opportunity for everybody to make a real difference. This initiative challenges the United Nations and all affiliated organisations to move to real action and to focus on delivery of results.

1,200 participants
On thousand two hundred participants, from 112 countries, attended the congress, representing sports organisations, governments at all levels, academic and community organisations, and United Nations agencies.

Next congress in Havana
Finally, the Congress notes that the next World Sport for All Congress will be held in Havana, Cuba, and will review progress in the development of Sport for All policies and actions.

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