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07 Aug 2013
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Ten cool things about YOG host city Buenos Aires

It’s been a month since Buenos Aires was elected to host the 3rd Summer Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2018. With a rich history and culture, and a profound passion for sport, here are 10 cool reasons why the Argentine capital is a perfect location for the YOG.

  • The Argentine capital is not only the most visited city in South America, but it is also the second largest metropolis after Greater São Paulo in Brazil.

  • With one-fifth of Argentina’s population under the age of 18, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to welcome the youth of the world for the Youth Olympic Games!

  • Buenos Aires lives and breathes football! With 24 professional football teams, the city has the highest concentration of teams in the world, including famous rival clubs Boca Juniors and River Plate.

  • Some of the world-class sports stars to hail from Buenos Aires include the footballer, Juan Roman Riquelme, and the former captain of the national rugby team, Agustín Pichot.

  • Besides sports figures, Buenos Aires was home to another legendary icon of the 20th century. Eva Perón, most commonly known as Evita, was the wife of Argentine President Juan Perón and deemed a spiritual leader of Argentina. She was the inspiration behind the film Evita starring Madonna and the renowned ballad, “Don’t cry for me Argentina”.

  • We can’t talk of Argentina and Buenos Aires without talking about one of its greatest exports – tango! Originating in the 19th century, tango is at the heart and soul of the city, oozing from venues and dance halls in every corner of the capital.

  • Renowned for its vibrant art and culture scene, Buenos Aires has a high concentration of theatres, as well as one of the world’s most famous opera houses, the Colon Theatre, commended for its acoustics as well as for its opulent and eclectic architectural style.

  • If you wish to escape the cityscape, you can head to the nature reserve, Reserva Ecólogica Constanera Sur, which, with its four lakes, grass parks and willows, is ideal for jogging, cycling, picnics or a spot of wildlife-watching, as the reserve counts over 200 different bird species and iguanas.

  • Buenos Aires is a port city, which used to export South America’s gold, silver, sugar, beef and grain, and its citizens are therefore known as Porteños (people of the port).

  • Last but not least, our top reason why Buenos Aires is such an amazing city is the fact that it will host the 3rd edition of the Summer Youth Olympic Games in 2018! ¡Hasta luego! (That’s how you say “See You Soon” in Buenos Aires).
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