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02 May 2019

Tap into our resources…

Learn about the new educational resources and information tools which are available to sports organisations and experts working on integrity in sport at different levels. The aim is to form synergies, facilitate access to important material and avoid duplication of effort. 

  • Make good use of the Believe in Sport Toolbox, which includes almost 30 different educational tools in various formats and languages – targeting athletes, coaches and officials. Guidance is provided so that you can choose different resources depending on your audience and their level of expertise on the topic of competition manipulation. There is a vast range of material available, including videos, flyers, handouts, content for information sessions, eLearning courses, a mobile app and a role-playing activity, which was implemented at the Youth Olympic Games 2018.
  • The International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS) now has its own online presence. On, you can learn more about the background of this important multi-stakeholder platform, its work and the latest news. In particular, there are dedicated sections on the three current focus areas of ensuring integrity in procurement processes, the selection of major sporting events, and good governance in sports organisations.
  • The OM Unit PMC, together with its Legal Expert Group, recently developed the new “Guidelines for the Sanctioning of Competition Manipulation by Sports Organisations”. The document aims to assist sports organisations, and specifically their disciplinary organs, in decisions regarding the sanctioning of violations under the Olympic Movement Code on the Prevention of the Manipulation of Competitions. The recommended sanctions outlined in the guidelines are in no way intended to impose a mandatory standardisation of sanctions. Rather, they should guide sports disciplinary bodies in establishing consistent, proportionate, effective, necessary, deterrent and fair sanctions, while recognising the diversity of legal systems and approaches amongst sports organisations globally. The guidelines are available upon request to
  • A new clip available on YouTube explains the mission, functioning and activities of the OM Unit PMC. This resource is designed for an audience with a fair knowledge of the topic of competition manipulation.
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