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18 Jul 2011
YOG , Innsbruck 2012

Take Yoggl on holiday and win a prize!

The summer is here and Yoggl, the Innsbruck 2012 mascot, is looking forward to a well-earned break. Unfortunately, what with all the preparations for the first Winter Youth Olympic Games next year he hasn’t had time to organize a holiday and that’s where you come in! Yoggl wants to join you on your summer vacation!

Just follow this step-by-step guide and you could win some cool prizes:

Step 1: Visit to print out your very own Yoggl (or click here)
Step 2: Cut him out and cover the back of your Yoggl with a thin layer of glue
Step 3: Attach the Yoggl printout to the cardboard and press down firmly.
Step 4: Attach a stick to Yoggl’s legs using sticky tape.
Step 5: Pack Yoggl in your suitcase!
Step 6: Take a funny photo of Yoggl while on holiday, upload it to and you could win a prize such as signed t-shirts from Olympic gold medalists and your very own Yoggl!

As a mountain goat who loves his Tyrolean terrain, Yoggl hasn’t seen much of the world so he is looking forward to a summer filled with adventures with his fans. So, wherever you are going this summer, whether it’s basking on a beach in Barbados or hiking up hills in the Himalayas… don’t forget your Yoggl!

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