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15 May 2001
IOC News , Press Release


Lausanne, 15 May 2001 - The International Olympic Committee has signed an agreement with the Swissair Group.

The partnership, announced today by IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch and Swissair Group Chairman and CEO, Mario Corti positions Swissair as the Official Airline of the IOC and encompasses key services, support and business development initiatives through the Group’s many operations.

Crossair , the Nuance Group, and Swisscargo are part of the cooperation between the two Swiss-based international organisations.

“The partnership with the Swissair Group is a natural fit for the IOC and one which will be beneficial and rewarding for the two organisations,” said the IOC President.

“We are both based in Switzerland but have strong international interests and commitments. We will work as partners to bring people from all over the world together in the name of sport and culture”.

As the preferred carrier for the IOC, Swisssair will play a major role in the passenger and cargo needs of the Olympic Movement. The group’s Swisscargo division will soon handle the extensive operations required for the 112th IOC Session in Moscow.

The partnership offers broad promotional opportunities for the IOC. The group will support the IOC’s global promotional campaign, Celebrate Humanity and promote the Olympic Movement on and off board and through joint activities with other Olympic parties.

The Swissair Group will also help build international interest in and drive traffic to Switzerland and to the Olympic Museum located in Lausanne. As a focal point and destination, Switzerland’s importance in worldwide sport is growing; not only as the home of the IOC but as the base for numerous International Federations and sports-associated organisations.

Through the Nuance Group, the world’s largest airport retailer, the Swissair Group partnership will build on the success of The Olympic Store, a retail concept promoting the Olympic dream, which started in Sydney and has now moved successfully to Athens, Greece and will soon open in Zurich and Geneva.

As the IOC works with organising committees and other partners to raise the standard and quality of Olympic licensed merchandise, The Olympic Stores will be a showcase for the Olympic Movement.

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