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26 Aug 2004
IOC News

Swatch: Precision Timing for the Olympic Games

Swatch is the Worldwide Olympic Partner for timing, scoring and venue results services. The company’s contribution to the 2004 Olympic Games includes providing timing and scoring information and photo-finish technology to coaches and athletes during training sessions, as well as timing and scoring information and scoring graphics to judges, officials, spectators, broadcasters and other media during the Olympic Games competitions.

Technological Expertise
More than 400 Swatch engineers are working on site at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Approximately 300 were in Athens before the Games. The technology effort requires Swatch to integrate its precision timing and scoring technology into the overall information technology systems developed by another Worldwide Olympic Partner, Atos Origin. This integration enables competition results to be delivered to spectators, broadcasters and other media within a fraction of a second.

Art, Fashion, and the Olympic Games
In 2002 Swatch launched an art project called “Kaleidoscope,” which invited artists, athletes, celebrities and members of the public to create art by arranging sports equipment and Swatch spare parts on canvas. Later, Swatch organised a silent auction to sell the art and announced that all proceeds from the sale would be donated to support a UNICEF project in conjunction with the IOC to build sports structures in Rwanda. Swatch has also developed a collection of Olympic watches that depict and celebrate key aspects of the Olympic Games throughout history.

Swatch’s Olympic History
The Swatch Group, Ltd., a long-time worldwide Olympic licensee and supporter of the Olympic Games, became a Worldwide Olympic Partner when it joined the TOP programme in 2003.

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