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28 Jan 2010
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Sustainable sport: take part in creating a work of art!

This February, as part of the Vancouver 2010 Cultural Programme, The Olympic Museum is going to receive two young Dutch architects, Jan Körbes and Denis Oudendijk, who are recycling specialists. From 10 to 14 February, they will host workshops and work with the public on this theme.

They will then extend their stay to create - live - an artwork inspired by sport, made entirely out of old sports equipment. It is an artistic statement, but one which gives a nod to one of the Vancouver Games objectives: preserving the environment.

And it’s here we are inviting you to contribute to creating this artwork, which is resolutely centred on “sustainable sport”.

Here is the list of equipment that the two artists are looking for: skis and sticks, tennis rackets, table tennis bats, (table) tennis tables and balls, ice hockey and hockey sticks, golf clubs, footballs, basketballs and volleyballs, any indoor sports equipment (vaulting boxes, trampolines, gymnastics rings, parallel and weightlifting bars, etc.), bikes, bobs, dinghies, sails and rope, canoes, kayaks and oars… As you can see: no shoes!

If you have any of these items and no longer use them, please contact Stéphane Meylan (+41 21 621 67 54) or Patricia Ackermann (+41 21 621 67 37), and perhaps your skis from when you were 15 will be immortalised in a prodigious artwork instead of ending up lying miserably on the edge of some pavement…

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