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17 May 2003
IOC News

Summary of the last day of the Executive Board meeting in Madrid

In the second and last day of its meeting in Madrid, the EB discussed the situation of the Iraqi athletes and the National Olympic Committee of Iraq and released a statement on this matter.

Then, Mr Jeff Benz, General Counsel of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) was invited to make a report following a letter sent by President Rogge to the NOC acting President Bill Martin regarding alleged doping cases involving US athletes in the 80's.
After hearing the report, the EB decided to ask the USOC for more information in general on how doping issues were being handled.

During the press conference that was held at the end of the day, the IOC President announced that a joint proposal placing sport at the heart of the European Union (EU)'s new constitution had been discussed and will be submitted by the IOC on behalf of all International Federations and National Olympic Committees to the Convention for the Future of Europe, the forum in charge of drafting a new EU constitution. The project for a new EU constitution will be presented by the Convention to the European Council of Thessanoliki on 20 and 21 June - Learn more.

In his opening remarks, the President said: "We had very constructive meetings here in Madrid. We were thrilled to learn two days ago that London has decided to bid for the Games in 2012 and that cities like Paris, Moscow and a Brazilian city are intending to follow New York, La Havana, Leipzig and Madrid in the race. We have never had such a long list of prestigious cities and I believe this reflects the IOC's policy of reinvesting revenues in the staging of the Olympic Games".

Commenting on the situation of the Iraqi athletes, the President said: "The IOC strongly condemns the acts perpetrate against to the athletes and will endeavour to provide all the necessary support to help sportsmen and women in their preparations for the Athens Games. We have run similar programmes in war-torn countries such as Afghanistan and East Timor. The reconstruction of the Iraqi NOC should seek the involvement of Iraqis residing in the country and in exile. This reconstruction might take time but what is important is that the IOC can, as it has in the past, find a solution to ensure athletes can compete in the Games"

When asked about the preparations in Athens, the President stressed that he was extremely happy with progress in recent months and noted that the atmosphere in the meeting between ATHOC and the Summer Federations held two days ago in Madrid was very positive. He also mentioned in his closing remarks that, as part of the IOC's drive to build financial reserves which would ensure it can continue operations even in the worse case scenario of Games not being staged, the IOC has increased its revenues by 4% above budget and that 11% of the forecast budget for 2002 has been saved.
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