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21 Jan 2010
Olympic News , Medical , Press Release

Summary Of Conclusions Reached At Gender Symposium

At a meeting of international experts of Disorders Of Sex Development (DSD) in Athletes on 17-18 January, organised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and Florida International University (FIU) and jointly financed by the IOC and International Athletics Foundation (IAF), the following conclusions were reached:

• That sport authorities, in conjunction with the relevant medical authorities, have a responsibility to follow up on cases of DSD that arise under their jurisdiction

• That there be an increase in education and awareness of DSD within the sport community

• That PPHE (pre participation health examinations) are important for the purpose of identifying athletes with DSD

• That precise diagnosis should be established expeditiously utilizing requisite expertise

• That a management plan be drawn up if treatment is necessary (recommended)

• To establish strategically located centres of excellence at which athletes with DSD can, if necessary, be diagnosed and treated

• That rules be put in place to determine eligibility of athletes for sport competition on a case-by-case basis both prior to and following diagnosis of a DSD, including when an athlete is undergoing treatment for DSD or refuses treatment for a DSD


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