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28 Jul 2006
IOC News

Stockholm Celebrates 50 year anniversary of Equestrian Events

Over 20,000 spectators gathered in the Stockholm Stadion this week to join in the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the Olympic Games equestrian events held there in 1956.

Whilst the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne in November of 1956, the equestrian events took place in Stockholm five months earlier due to the strict animal quarantine laws in force in Australia at that time.

Back on the field of play
Four participants of the 1956 equestrian events were present to participate in the celebration. Eighty-five-year-old Petrus Kastenman of Sweden, who won gold in the individual three-day event, was joined by fellow medalist John Rumble of Canada, now 72 years old, who won the bronze medal in the team three-day event.  Also present was Austrian Peter Lichtner-Hoyer, now 82, and Kemal Ozcelik of Turkey, 84, who both competed in the 1956 equestrian events.

Re-lighting the Cauldron
The Olympic flag was carried into the stadium by the Swedish equestrian jumping team who won the silver medal in Athens in 2004. The lighting of the cauldron was also re-enacted as Jan Jönsson (bronze in the three-day event in 1972), entered the stadium on horseback carrying the1956 torch to light cauldron. IOC member Gunilla Lindberg delivered a speech to the crowd and athletes who had turned out for the event.

Melbourne 1956
The 50th anniversary of the Melbourne 1956 Games will take place from 18-22 November. Already more than 320 Olympians from 1956 have confirmed their attendance for the festivities. These include almost 100 International athletes with gold medalists Ronnie Delany (athletics 1500m) and Al Oerter (discus) planning to attend.

 Melbourne 1956

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