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Stefanie Rothweiler Getty
15 Jan 2010
Athlete Stories

Stefanie Rothweiler

Sailing, Germany

Stefanie Rothweiler has been one of the top German sailors for many years. She started out in the 470 class and also achieved her greatest successes in that class. She was European champion for 2006 and 2007, three-time German champion, and in 2001 she ranked 4th in the world championships. She also participated in several Olympic Games.

A few months ago, the career adviser for the Olympic facility in Munich, where Rothweiler trained, contacted Adecco after the sailor brought up the question of her professional future. Rothweiler wanted to retire from sport and was looking for a job. She had passed her first German state examination in law, and now she hoped to fulfill her career aspiration to obtain a position in human resources management.

A phone conversation with an athlete consultant at Adecco followed. The first step was to help Rothweiler optimise her job application and search for suitable positions. Adecco supported her in the application process for several weeks, and provided her with tips for job interviews. Because the job market was difficult, an alternative option was to do some additional studies with a focus on human resources. Adecco contacted a branch manager who had completed such training and was willing to share her experience. But a few weeks later, Rothweiler got the good news: An interview with a headhunting company had been successful, and Rothweiler had landed her first post-sports career opportunity. She has since been hired and now has a permanent contract.

“The last few months were not always easy, and the transition from the world of sport to everyday life in the office was quite difficult at times. But now it’s really fun,” the former top athlete says happily.

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