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21 Aug 2010

Staying healthy at the YOG!

Ever wondered what you'd look like in 20 years if you smoked cigarettes every day? Or how about what happens to your body when you're drunk?

If you have, then the Healthy Lifestyle Experience, which is part of the Culture and Education Programme at the inaugural YOG in Singapore, can provide the answers to these questions, as well as providing plenty more information about living a healthy lifestyle.

The special exhibition, which is being held at the International Convention Centre, features an array of fun interactive zones and displays that help people assess their physical fitness and receive advice on healthy living.

Exhibits include machines to measure people's body-mass index and exercise bikes to assess aerobic fitness, as well as a simulator that shows what you may look like in 20 years time if you smoke cigarettes on a daily basis and a set of “beer goggles” that recreate the effects that alcohol has on your body.

"This experience is basically an interactive exhibit showing what it means to live a healthy lifestyle," said programme co-ordinator Alex Fun. "It also encourages young athletes to avoid the temptations of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and unhealthy foods by showing them the negative side-effects."

The programme, run in partnership with the Health Promotion Board, is expected to attract 4,000 visitors each day during the Games, with families, school groups, tourists and the general public all getting involved.

"We want to promote the notion that living a healthy lifestyle is not difficult," added Fun. "It can be built into your daily life by being mindful of what you eat and by exercising regularly.

"We believe the social and interactive aspects of the exhibit will not only help the messages to stay in their minds longer, but it will be a fun experience for them to learn with their peers and discuss these issues."

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