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26 Sep 2001
IOC News


Athens, 26 September 2001 - Following meetings with the Greek Prime Minister and other Greek government officials today, the IOC President made the following statement:

The Coordination Commission, under the strong leadership of Denis Oswald, is today beginning its important work of reviewing the progress of the organizers since our last meeting. They will report their findings Friday; however, it is clear construction of the sports venues and related transportation infrastructure is the top priority during this stage of Games organization.

Today, I met with the Prime Minister and other Greek officials to underscore the importance of meeting all construction deadlines, since this falls under their responsibility.

Despite all the work that has been accomplished, the task ahead for the construction sector is unparalleled in the history of Greece, and time continues to tick away. There are less than two years left before the majority of the extremely important test events take place, and only 10 months left before the first one takes place in sailing. There should be no comfort in the fact 2004 sounds far off in the distance. There are important dates nearly every month that must be respected.

Today, the Prime Minister renewed his commitment to complete the required works on time. We are confident, but we need to witness sustained construction activity to remain so.

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