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15 May 2000
Olympic News, Press Release

Lausanne, 15 May 2000 - Asked about the run of Mr. Kevan Gosper’s daughter as the first Australian torch bearer of the Olympic flame, Judge Kéba MBaye, Chairman of the Ethics Commission, declared:

This was an error in judgement on which Mr. Gosper has already expressed himself. Mr. Gosper has indeed presented his apologies in a statement saying: “I apologise to all those who were upset by my lapse in judgement, especially Yianna Souleles, who may have hoped or expected to be the first Australian torch runner.”

Mr. Gosper has therefore judged himself and the Ethics Commission, which has not been called to look into this matter, has nothing to add to Mr. Gosper’s declaration.

Judge Kéba MBaye added that this was a personal issue which had nothing to do with the International Olympic Committee as a whole.

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