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Stakeholder Updates

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17 Mar 2021
During these last months, several stakeholders have continued to undertake a number of important initiatives in the field of governance and the protection of sport integrity.

ASOIF to run pilot study on organisational culture           

At its meeting earlier this month, the ASOIF Council discussed arrangements for the fourth ASOIF review of IF governance and endorsed the launch of a pilot study on the organisational culture within IFs. Read more here.

EU supports FIBA Europe’s SWISH programme            

FIBA-Europe recently kicked off its new SWISH programme, which targets employees of all European National Federations to educate them about compliance with integrity policies and FIBA's regulations. The project is co-funded by the EU's Erasmus+ Sport programme, and is implemented through online learning and various workshops. Recently, the OM Unit PMC participated in two related sessions to train participants from 30 National Federations on the prevention of competition manipulation. Other IOC experts joined in to share their know-how on the topics of good governance and safeguarding.  

FIFA launches Global Integrity Programme           

The International Football Federation (FIFA), in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), lately launched a new Global Integrity Programme, which is aimed at providing Integrity Officers within FIFA’s member associations all over the world with an in-depth understanding of the scourge of match manipulation and ways or measures to tackle it effectively. The OM Unit PMC took part in the first edition this month, organised for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and its National Federations, to introduce its role and activities and explain its position within the international framework. The programme will be implemented for all other regional confederations throughout this year.

Click here to learn more.

UNODC organises webinar in Mexico

The IOC Ethics and Compliance Office also contributed to the “Safeguarding Sport from Corruption in Mexico” webinar organised by UNODC on 23 and 24 February this year. The webinar sought to raise awareness on the topic of sports integrity primarily among the Mexican authorities, and brought together anti-corruption authorities, law enforcement agencies and sports organisations. The IOC delivered presentations on both IPACS and the prevention of competition manipulation. The NOC of Mexico shared its plans to adopt relevant rules and develop awareness-raising activities, aimed at protecting the integrity and credibility of sport in the country.

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