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Spotlight on the Olympic flame and relay

25 Jun 2004
Olympic News

For maximum topicality, the Museum's June talk was entitled Spotlight on the Olympic flame and relay. Speakers included Jean-Jacques Schilt, city councillor and Chairman of the Lausanne Torch Relay Association; Rob Wade, ATHOC representative in charge of the international relay; two torchbearers from the 1948 Games in London; the man responsible for the 1948 relay; and a young relay runner for the 2004 Games in Athens, who had the honour of passing the flame to the IOC President at the IOC headquarters, during the Lausanne section of the relay.

Great pictures and emotions
Illustrated with superb pictures on the origins, history and organisation of the torch relay since its inception in Berlin in 1936, the evening was very much focused on the older participants. Their spontaneity, frankness, modesty and the emotion evident in the accounts of their experience as torchbearers captivated the audience. The 2004 relay runners are sure to keep the same dazzling memories of their participation. Rob Wade, on his first visit to Lausanne, gave a fascinating account of his new experience as an organiser. It looks as if he has more than risen to this tough challenge!
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