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06 Nov 2003
IOC News

Sports Science Award

The 2002 "Sports Science Award of the IOC President" has been won by the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre (CMRC), whose Director is Professor Bengt Saltin, and by Professor Roland Renson of the University of Leuven (Belgium). The IOC President presented the prize today at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne in the presence of the President of the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), Professor Gudrun Doll-Tepper.

At the forefront of research
Since its formation in 1994, the Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre has been at the forefront of research into the physiological and metabolic responses to exercise and their implications on health and disease. The collective contribution of the CMRC to the field of integrative human physiology over the past years has no equal. IOC President Jacques Rogge underlined in his speech at the ceremony the innovative and exemplary work accomplished by the CMRC.

"Living Sport Museum"
Professor Roland Renson is one of the leading scholars in sports history and social sciences. His work on traditional games, the history of sport in Europe as well as sport and social status has contributed to the progress of social sciences. He was also involved in the development of a new concept of a "Living Sport Museum". "Roland Renson is not a scholar in an ivory tower, but an inspiring lecturer and a splendid teacher", the IOC President said in praise of the award winner.

Jointly with ICSSPE
The IOC President’s Award was created at the end of the 1970s to reward studies in the field of sports science and physical education. It is awarded jointly by the IOC and the ICSSPE every year.
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