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29 Aug 2006

Sports medicine and the sports sciences (Bibliography 2006)

The virtual explosion of interest and activity in sports medicine and the sports sciences that began in the middle of the Twentieth Century has continued to grow throughout the intervening years.  Sophisticated scientific methodology and new clinical and laboratory techniques have permitted rapid advancement in such areas as sports injury prevention, injury treatment and rehabilitation, the physiology of conditioning and competition, sports biomechanics, and sports nutrition.
Such advancement is based upon controlled investigations and the sharing of the resultant information by means of scientific journals and authoritative reference volumes.  The objective of the establishment in 1990 by the IOC Medical Commission of a Special Collection of Sports Medicine and Sports Science at the IOC Library was to enhance the availability of this important information to professional persons who work with individual athletes and with sport teams. The collection presently constitutes the most complete and up-to-date compilation of such scientific information in the world. 
This booklet contains a complete bibliographical listing of The Olympic Library’s holdings in sports medicine and the sports sciences. May the collection serve as an invaluable resource for medical doctors, exercise scientists, allied health professionals, and students studying the medicine and science of sport and exercise.¨
Collection of sports medicine and sports sciences - Bibliography 2006
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