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18 Aug 2004
Olympic News

Sports Illustrated’s 50th Anniversary

Sports Illustrated has continued its 50th anniversary celebrations at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. An event was held to honour the magazine’s 50 years in sports journalism. Throughout the past year, other elements of the Worldwide Olympic Partner’s 50th Anniversary celebration have focused on partnering with non-profit organisations and government agencies in local communities throughout the United States to increase, enhance and improve recreational and sporting opportunities for young people.

IOC President Congratulates
IOC President Jacques Rogge attended the event on 16 August and congratulated Sports Illustrated on 50 years in sports journalism. Rogge also praised the company and the magazine for its contributions to sport and Olympic athletes worldwide, as well as for its strong commitment to journalistic integrity.

Anniversary Programmes
Sports Illustrated has spent the past year celebrating its 50th anniversary in the magazine, online and across the USA. Elements have included weekly sections in the magazine that celebrate the unique sports landscape in a different US state each week; and a mobile tour that brought the magazine to life for nearly two million fans in more than 25 states. Sports Illustrated also has awarded its 50th anniversary “Sportstown” designation to the one town in each state that has fostered the best community sports programme. Finally, Sports Illustrated is publishing two special books related to the anniversary.

The Goal of the Anniversary Programmes
“Sports Illustrated's mission during our 50th anniversary celebration was to capture the unique nature of sports in all 50 US states, while celebrating the passion and devotion that are common across our country,” explained Jeff Price, Sports Illustrated’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our most important goal, which we achieved with our charitable partners the National Recreation and Park Association and the YMCA, was to enhance the quality of sports in America's communities.”

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