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14 May 2004
IOC News

SportAccord Convention: facilitating communication in the sports movement

Over 800 delegates, including representatives of International Sports Federations, marketing experts, architects, lawyers, broadcasters, journalists and members of the International Olympic Committee, are expected to attend this year’s SportAccord Convention, which will be held in Lausanne (Switzerland) between 15 and 20 May 2004.

Sharing a vision
“The International Sports Federations and their associations recognise the importance of improving understanding between themselves and their commercial partners”, said Hein Verbruggen, Chairman of SportAccord and Vice-President of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), in his welcome address. According to Verbruggen, “SportAccord is a vision shared by all participants, to facilitate communication between everyone in the sports movement.”
Day One: Television

The theme of the first day is television, an obvious choice, because of the changing symbiosis between television and sport. According to SportAccord, the focus is increasingly on distribution, brand-building and mutually beneficial partnerships with television. TV is the way the world experiences sport, and the way sport’s sponsors reach audiences. Broadcasters and rights-holders are not only financial partners, but marketing partners as well, as exposure on television is an advertisement for an event. SportAccord will assemble top executives and officials to tackle production, distribution and sponsorship issues.

Day Two: Partnerships and relationships
The theme of the second day is relationships. What is world sport if not a network of ongoing relationships governed by ever-evolving rules? SportAccord will focus on three different types of relationships. The first might be termed “official”. How can the various entities that make sports events and competitions happen work in harmony for mutual benefit? The second category is commercial. How can sport work optimally with sponsors and other partners? The third is human relationships, between boys, girls and adults. How can sport make the human connection, to win fans, and deepen loyalty?

Key issues facing the sports industry
SportAccord, the annual international sports convention, brings representatives from the 99 International Sports Federations affiliated to GAISF, the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF ) and the Association of the International Olympic Winter Sports Federations (AIOWF), as well as the IOC, face-to-face with sponsors, architects, sports lawyers, broadcasters and other specialists to discuss the key issues facing the sports industry.

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