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02 Nov 2006
IOC News

Sport For All

Walther Tröger, Chairman of the Sport For All Commission of the IOC, reveals its goals and challenges.
What is the goal of the IOC Sport For All Commission?
The IOC Sport for All Commission was created in 1985 in order to add grass root sport to the aims and tasks of the Olympic Movement. The Commission has the responsibility to encourage and support the development of the sport activities through all generations. First of all this means that we have to disseminate Sport for All as a global human right in all societies.
Since you started more than two decades ago, what have been your major achievements?
Sport for All has been developed as a principle goal for all National Olympic Committees, Sport Federations, but also governments. We have activated partners in the political as well as the economic worlds to assist us. The cooperation with organisations dealing with Sport for All outside the Olympic Family has been intensified and coordinated. The IOC aid programme, Olympic Solidarity, is deeply involved in our activities. In addition, the IOC grants annual patronages to NOCs for Sport for All events and coordinates the annual Olympic Day Run as a main activity, with the participation of nearly all recognised NOCs.
Isn’t Sport For All a rival to elite sport?
Not at all. Sport for All as a human right has to provide facilities and assistance to everyone and every people in the world. Beside that, we base our work on the theory that sport has the form of a pyramid, which means the wider the basis, the higher to the top.
Sport is facing increasing competition from leisure driven entertainment. What can be done to ensure that sport remains attractive to children and young people?
This challenge is real. Whether we like it or not we have to adapt to certain trends in society. The “fun factor” in sport has to be increased and the new media have to be integrated into sport practice. Further we have to assure – through governments – that school sport is actively promoted. As an overall activity we have to promote sport as an essential element for the well being of individuals and society.
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