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Olympism in Action Forum

Sport continues to be enduringly relevant in the world today

Highlights and possible trends affecting the future of sport were presented to the IOC Session today, following the conclusion of the Olympism in Action Forum in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

“Sport gives us tools that other disciplines are not giving us,” said Josefina Salas.

She added: “Sport gives us a mindset that cannot be taught through other activities or taught at school, while a skill set can be taught later; so sport is really giving us that push to be leaders.”

Speaking at the IOC Session today, the Young Change-Maker+ from Chile was co-presenting alongside IOC Member John Coates the main outcomes and trends to come out of the Olympism in Action Forum.

Coates concluded: “Sport continues to be enduringly relevant in the world today. It’s the enduring value of the Olympics that is the message we wanted to get across.”

A Drafting Committee composed of seven IOC representatives and seven Young Change-Makers +, co-chaired by Coates and Salas, was tasked with identifying and summarising high-level trends and perspectives from the Forum that would be of relevance for the Olympic Movement to consider. These were presented today to the IOC Session.

Read the Olympism in Action: Trends and Perspectives paper here

The Forum, which took place on 5 and 6 October, covered a wide range of topics and themes on the most critical issues on the agenda of sport. Participants from all walks of life – from government, business, culture, civil society and the Olympic Movement – discussed what trends will affect the future of sport, and engaged in open and unique conversations on the opportunities and challenges concerning the sports world.

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